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Since 1986, GRECO began its activities in the area ​of ​​Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI), seeking ​new technologies, solutions, innovations and ​security for its customers.

About Greco

We have a highly qualified team ready to develop all of our clients' demands, seeking to understand each one's needs, so that their project becomes unique and exclusive.

Our connections have the SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) and our servers are hosted in Data Centers in Brazil, the United States and Canada, with a complete operational, safe and reliable infrastructure, so we can offer the best communication solutions,

security and technology.

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Mission, Vision and Values ​​of our company

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We are a dedicated and determined team, committed to anticipating and meeting all of our customers' needs, always adding exceptional values. We constantly seek to exceed expectations, providing unique experiences and building solid relationships based on trust and excellence.



To be a recognized company and leader in the technological market, responsible, efficient, effective and always inspiring memories in those who use our services.

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Our company is founded on solid values ​​that are the basis of our success. We honor honesty, respect and dedication as essential pillars, guiding us to achieve excellence in everything we do. These core values ​​not only shape our culture, but also strengthen our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers.

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Our services


intelligent ordering system

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intelligent parking system

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intelligent inspection system

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Our services

We always try to understand the needs and demands of each client, to offer the best communication, security and technology solutions.


intelligent ordering system

Revolutionize your parcel management with our Intelligent Order System, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the daily operations of businesses and residential or commercial complexes.

Experience real-time and automated notifications sent via WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, complete with a photo of the delivered parcel. Our system ensures seamless communication and efficient tracking, providing a hassle-free solution for order management.


Intelligent Virtual Intercom System

This system allows communication between the concierge and the

condominium through the current intercom or installed application on your cell phone, or WhatsApp from the condominium.

Fast and efficient communication!


intelligent inspection system

A system aimed at the real estate market, where, in an automated way, the broker or administrator will inspect the property with just a few clicks on your cell phone.

Generate the file and send it to your client automatically.


intelligent parking system

System that automatically photographs and notifies the unit

who commit infractions in prohibited parking spaces.

Some examples include vacancies for the elderly, disabled, emergencies, among others.


operational mapping and tracking system

Innovation in people management, a solution that has arrived to facilitate the management of your company or condominium.

Know your employee's location in real time. Facilitating the management of cleaning, maintenance, among others.




operational management system

The SGO controls all operational areas and all communication is done via QrCode with WhatsApp.

In practice, when you identify an irregularity, point your cell phone at the sign with the QrCode and open the ticket that will be forwarded to the responsible team. Ready!

When the call is completed, you will be notified.

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See what people are saying about Greco

Testimonials from some of our customers are very important to us, as this way we can measure the success of our efforts dedicated to you!

Gustavo Moretti

Excellence in service, always improving products according to customer needs!

vanda britto

With Greco I feel safe having your emails, thank you very much!

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patricia alarcon

The service is excellent, fast, the support guys are always willing to help us.

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sarah lya

I am a real estate agent and after hiring the Greco system, my work became more valued.

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oliver davis

I have been with Greco since the beginning of the internet, I have complete trust in this competent company.

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Contact us

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Where are we

Alphaville - SP

Av. Andrômeda, 885 - cj 307 - Barueri – São Paulo – Brazil – 06473-000

Miami - FL

comming soon

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